MDBC Policies and Procedures

 Macon Duplicate Bridge Club   

 Policies and Procedures               As of July 10, 2019

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Policy-ACBL Sanctions


The Macon Duplicate Bridge Club (the "Club") shall have its duplicate bridge games sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League ("ACBL"). The Club shall comply with the requirements of the ACBL to be able to offer the sanctioned games.

Thus, the Club has provided in its by-laws for the annual appointment of the Club Manager who is the Club's authorized connection with the ACBL.

From the ACBL's "The Sanctioned Club Bridge Game"


ACBL issues sanctions to Club Managers authorizing them to run duplicate bridge games at regularly scheduled times and locations and to award masterpoints at those games in accordance with ACBL rules and regulations.

The Club Manager's role - Every ACBL sanctioned masterpoint club game must designate an active ACBL member in good standing with all service fees and dues paid as its Manager. The Club Manager is accountable to the ACBL but may operate the club as he or she sees fit(A), as long as the operation of ACBL sanctioned games fall within limits prescribed by the ACBL. The Club Manager is responsible for complying with all local, state, and federal laws.

The Club Manager is responsible for the following: (1) Preparation and electronic filing of the monthly masterpoint and financial reports; (2) Any correspondence with ACBL on club game matters; and (3) The application for sanction renewals and the reporting of changes to a game sanction.

(A) - The Club by-laws provide for is management by its members elected by the membership for that purpose who work along with the Club Manager to operate the Club.


Special Games


The Club Manager is the only person who can assign or change special games according to ACBL regulations.



        October 1, 2017


Policy- Bridgemates and Common Game


The Club shall use the pre-dealt hand files provided by the Common Game service. All games shall be uploaded for viewing on the Common Game website.

The Bridgemate machines shall be set to require the entry of the opening lead for each hand.


The Bridgemate machines shall be set to show the percentage and "traveler" scores at the time that each score is entered and approved.


             October 1, 2017


Policy- Director Fees & Board Duplication Fees


Director fees are:


Up to 12 tables


12 ½ to 17 tables


17.5 + tables



Directors shall take the game directing fee from the funds collected and so note on the game envelope. Should there not be enough funds collected, note on the envelope and the Treasurer will provide payment for the remaining amount due to the Director.

When a Director is scheduled for a game, and attempts to hold the game but that game does not occur due to too few players, the Director shall be paid $30 by the Treasurer. Submit the envelope for the game to the Treasurer with the failure of the game so noted on the envelope. Also, place a note in the Club Manager's box that the game was not held due to too few players.

Board duplication fees:


Individuals duplicating board receive $10 per set. For all games other than the Tuesday 0-149 game a full set of 36 boards shall be prepared. For the Tuesday 0-149 game or any 0-20 side game, a set of 24 boards shall be prepared. Six (6) copies of the hand record for each game shall be printed and placed in the board case.


The person who duplicates boards should send an email at the end of the month to the vice president(with a copy to the treasurer)indicating the dates boards were made the total amount owed to the person for making the boards for the month. The Vice President will review the work done and reply to the Treasurer and the person that the amount is approved to be paid.



                       October 1, 2017

Amended January 24, 2018

Amended July 10, 2019 (to show Tuesday game as 0-149)


 Policy - Financial related policies


A.     Solicitations or fundraising will be restricted to ACBL directed or Board approved projects.


B.   There will be no MDBC financial information shared with non-members or organizations except as approved by the Board.

C.   Expenses:


The treasurer is authorized to make a $25 memorial donation for Club members who have died (spouses are not included) to an organization recommended by the deceased member's family.


Board approval is required for any expenses of $250 or more (other than recurring expenses such as utilities and standard purchases of supplies). Emergency expenses may be approved as needed by the President, Treasurer, and Building or Grounds Coordinator if they are in agreement that the expenditure is necessary.


Receipts are required for reimbursements.



D.   Each month names of the members who have a birthday in that month will be read at the first Wednesday game. A drawing from the names of those present will take place and the winner will be given a free play coupon.


October 1, 2017

Policy - Game Related Policies


1.    ZeroTolerance-The Macon Duplicate Bridge Club (the"Club")adopts the "Zero Tolerance" for its games. Click>"ZeroToleranceHandoutforClubs"which contains the ACBL Zero Tolerance policy. 

2.    Cell Phones - Cell phones shall be off or on silent during club games. Should a player need to be able to receive a call during a game, they shall place their phone with the game Director for that purpose. All game Directors shall impose penalties for cell phones ringing during games (except for those phones left with the Director). The penalty in a pairs game will be based on one-quarter of a board. The penalty in a team game will be three (3)IMPs.

3.    Slowplay-The Club adopts a Slow Play policy which states that" when a slow pair disrupts the normal progression of the game, the Director (at his or her discretion) will assess a disciplinary procedural penalty".


October 1, 2017

Policy- Hospitality


The Club shall provide complimentary coffee service for the players. For a small charge that may be established by the board, the Club will have available for purchase, bottled water, soft drinks, snack crackers and/or chips, and candy bars.

Donated snack foods will be offered when available. Snack foods purchased for and not used during a sectional tournament will be offered when available.

Under the direction of the Hospitality Coordinator(s), the Club shall plan and execute the following events that shall include food service: the annual New Faces Game, the annual holiday party, and the annual meeting event, and three other events as chosen by the Hospitality Coordinator(s) in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Members may choose to plan and bring food items to share with others at any game. However, they should consider the complexity of the service in making a decision to do so. Their plan must consider any needed preparation, service and clean up for the food and in a manner that does not delay or impact the scheduled game. Other than being sure that coffee is available for the players, the game Director duties do not include assisting with food service, cleaning up after food service, or filling in for a  player who is preparing food.


October 1, 2017

Amended July 10, 2019

Policy- Keys/Access to Property and Buildings


Sets of keys to the MDBC property shall include a key to the gate lock, a key to the new building and a  key to the old building.

Sets of keys should be held by the following: the club manager, the current officers, the past president, the active game directors, active teachers, and those  trustees or board members who are serving in one of the coordinators positions that requires them to have regular access to the building or grounds The coordinator positions that have a need for a set of keys are buildings, grounds, tournament, hospitality, and purchasing(maybe a purchase coordinator and an inventory coordinator separate or maybe the same person).

Other individuals may be given a set of keys as approved by the board. The President shall hold any unassigned sets of keys and shall maintain a list of those persons to whom sets of keys are assigned.


It is the duty of each person assigned a set of keys to return them to the President when they no longer hold a position that requires a set of keys. If a person loses a set of assigned keys, they should reimburse the MDBC for the cost of the replacement set of keys.


October 1, 2017


Amended July 10, 2019


Policy- Membership and Annual Dues


Membership in the Macon Duplicate Bridge Club is open to anyone.


Annual dues for each member are $10. Dues of a renewing member are due and payable at the $10 rate between November 1 and December 31 for the following calendar year. Dues for a renewing member paid after December 31 will be a rate of $15.

Dues for new members joining during a calendar year shall be $10 from January 1st to August 31st of the calendar year. New members joining from September s through December 31 of a calendar year shall pay $10 that will cover the remainder of that calendar year and the next calendar year.

Dues are waived for any member age 90 or older. 


The Treasurer shall maintain a list of current(and lapsed) members which shall be provided to the Game Directors for use in determining the appropriate Game Fee to be paid by a player.


October 1, 2017


                         Policy- Non-playing Director


The Macon Duplicate Bridge Club will have a non-playing director.


If someone's partner does not show up for the game, an exception may be made and the director may play if the following two criteria are met:

1} By playing, the director and partner make up a full table and do not create a new half table

2) By making a full table, the number of total tables for the game is eight or less


If we do not have a director available to direct a game, and a director is playing that game, he can be a playing director if there are eight tables or less.





Our By-Laws (Item V) already states 'There shall be a non-playing director at all games, except in an emergency'.

At a previous board meeting it was discussed and voted that a director would only play, if by playing, it created a full table and not a half table. This was approved, but not officially made into a written Policy, which is what I am trying todo.

On Monday, Oct. 1, someone's partner did not show up and our director filled in and played, which created a half table (10.5 tables for the game). Diane and I received complaints about the director playing and the game slowing down due to rulings, etc. This is why my proposal is for the director to only play in a smaller game, if needed, on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday with eight tables or less.



November 2018



Policy- Purchasing




Bridge Games supplies will be purchased by Club Manager


All other supplies for bridge house (example, paper, printed envelopes, cleaning supplies, kitchen products, paper products, candies, drinks, game envelopes, batteries, etc) will be purchased by the Purchasing Coordinator.


A list of items regularly purchased shall be maintained by the Purchasing Inventory Coordinator (the "PIC"). A procedure shall be developed for Directors and others who pull items from inventory at the club to advise the PIC so that they may alert the Purchasing Coordinator about items that need to be purchased for the club.





Policy - Safety issues


No firearms are allowed on Macon Duplicate Bridge Club property except for those carried by sworn officers of the law.


October 1, 2017

Policy- Sanctioned Bridge Games - Game Times, Game Fees and Newcomer (0-20) Games



MDBC will offer games sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). MDBC has six sanctioned bridge games each week. They are (with game start time):




Monday Open Game                       1:00 pm


                      Tuesday 0-149                              6:30 pm

Wednesday Open Game                  7:00 pm

Thursday 0-149                              1:00 pm

Friday Open Game                          1:00 pm

Saturday Open Game                      1:00 pm

ANewcomer(0-20)GamemayberuninconjunctionwithanyOpenGamewithoutaspecialsanction fromACBL.ANewcomerGameshouldbeofferedinconjunctionwithanygamewherethereare6pairs of0-20players(threetables).Ifasecondsetofpre-duplicatedboardsisnotavailableforagame,the0- 20gamemayberunasa"shuffleanddeal"game

Game Fees (effective October 1, 2017) except for Worldwide Bridge Games:


MDBCMember                                       $6


Non-Member                                         $8


Game Fees for Worldwide Bridge Games - generally held the first Friday and Saturday in June: Game Fee for all players        $10



October 1, 2017


Amended 2018 for Monday game time and Tuesday game point limit Amended February 2019 for Friday game time

Policy- Seating Assignments and Seeding of Games


ThegameDirectorwilltryandaccommodaterequestsforseatinginaparticulardirection(north/south oreast/west).Priorityforthenorth/south(stationary)seatingshallbegiventothosepairsofwhomat least one or the pair has a physical condition that requires the stationary seating. If necessary to properlyseedagame(balancethepairsintheA,BorCstratificationsbetweenthenorth/southand east/westdirections),thegameDirectormayrequireapairtochangetheirseatingassignment.


October 1, 2017


Policy- Stratification of Club Games, Stratification of Special Games (if Director given discretion)


MDBC Club games and events shall be stratified based on the average masterpoints of the pairs/teams in the event.

Whereallowedbythe"conditions of contest" of any special games, events shall be stratified based on the average masterpoints of the pairs/teams in the event.

Except where the Strata are determined by "conditions of contest" of a special game, the standard MDBC games strata shall be:

A             1750+

B             750-1749


C            <750


The Director may adjust the C stratum level in order to have enough pairs in the stratum considering the total number of tables in the game.

October 1, 2017

Policy- The Stop card


In accordance with the recommendation of the ACBL Board of Directors, the Club shall remove the "Stop" card from all bidding boxes.



October 1, 2017


Procedures - Duties of a Director at the Macon Duplicate Bridge Club


I.   Before the game

a.   Arrive about an hour before game time to open the facility and prepare for the game. On Friday evening, move the garbage and recycling cans back inside the gate/fence.

b.   SettheheatorACtothepropertemperature-twothermostatsonside(rear)wallandthethermostatinthekitchen whichcontrolsthesystemservingthekitchen,restrooms, and office.Inveryhotweathertimes,youmayneedtousethe fourthsystemtoquicklycoolthespace(controlonendwallatbackofplayingroom).

c.  Make coffee

d.  Turnonandtestsoundamplificationsystem

e.   Getboardsoutofcabinetandplaceonfronttable.Hidehandrecords.

f.   Cleanandstraightenup-all tables cleanandhavetable card, chairs, andbridgemates.

g.  Check the calendar to see if this is a special game

h.   Welcome people, collect the game fees and make table assignments considering player preference but subject to club policies on seating, stratification and seeding

i.   Answer the office phone

j.  Make necessary announcements (using the sound system) and remind all to have cell phones off or silent


II.    During the game

a.   Hand outboards

b.  SetupthegameinACBLScore(in the computer),announcebridgematesareready,andannounceplanforhospitality breaks.

c.  Startandmonitortheclock-includingintheclocksetupforhospitalitybreaks.Seej.

d.   Import names into ACBL score, review strata, try to ensure enough pairs in C stratum (3 pairs for a Howell movement, 5 pairs with at least 2 pairs each direction for a Mitchellmovement)

e.   Process Director calls from players

f.  Call rounds. Supervise pair movement. Advise North players on how to correctly move boards. Move boards if there is tardiness or confusion. Pre-announce skips. Monitor by-stands.

g.   Fill out the cash envelope, take payment, money into an envelope, envelope into safe - including excess money from soda sales

h.   Make sure coffee is still available

i.  Putmoresodasintherefrigeratorifthesuppliesofcoldsodaarelow

j.  Hospitalitybreaksshallbeprovidedinallgameswithaguidelineof2breaksforgameswithmorethan8roundsand1 breakforgameswithlessthan9rounds.

k.   Ensure that everyone has a pleasant and fair game of bridge


Ill. After the game


b.Place hand record handouts on front table

c. Post the final results to the Common Game, Pianola andACBL

d.Thank the people as they leave.

e.  Print summary results for any pair that asks

f.Print the results and post on the "Scores" bulletin board

g.Makesurecoffee potisemptyandoff, rinse and dry.Rinsecoffeefilterbasketandlayouttodry.

h.  Clean up the playing area.

i.  Put the boards in the case and the case in the cabinet

j.  TurntheheatorACbacktooff-peak settings(80insummer,60inwinter)

k.Lockofficeandfrontandbackdoors, lights off,nocarsinbacklot

I. Lock gate - Wednesday evening move garbage and recycling cans outside the gate for Friday pickup


October 1, 2017, amended July 10, 2019


Procedure - New Faces Game


DateforNewfacesGamewillbedeterminedbyClubManager,Presidentorclub schedule.

Chairperson will be selected.

                           Guidelines for New Faces Chairperson

Existing Members (old faces) should make a concerted effort to call and invite someone (new face) they think would be interested in duplicate bridge. A "New Face" is someone with 0-20 ACBL masterpoints. People who have played party bridge but do not have ACBL points are eligible.


Telephonenumbersandemailaddressesareveryimportant;therefore,aninformation cardneedstobefilledoutbyeachnewplayer.


The chairperson should keep a list of new players and match players (old with new) if possible. Members are encouraged to recruit their own New Face partner.


Club Hospitality Coordinator(s) will organize the food and co-ordinate event with the New Faces Chairperson.


Post-game,wewouldencourageour"old" players to contact"new" players to thank them for coming to our game, encourage them to come back and tell them about possible duplicate bridge classes.



October 1, 2017






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