2019 MDBC Masterpoint Rank Change

Each month we like to honor our players that have accomplished a rank change by adding their name in the appropriate place. We especially encourage our newer players to become Life Masters. Hopefully, a lot of names will be filled in by the end of the year.

Non-Life Master



Junior Master

 Betty Talbot

Jane Winston


Club Master

Carol M Stalvey

Sandra Harwood

Steven Davis

Billie Abbot

Karen Crowley

Benjamin Harrington

Robert Veto


Sectional Master

Lisa L Horne      

Jan K Hirsh

Martha M McNeil

Ellen Wyche

Katherine Hudson

Crawford Peace


Regional Master

Sylvia C Scott

Joan M Sare      

Sissy Macfie

Nancy Hathaway

Ed Vesely


NABC Master

Martin R Jones

Donna Rait

Loren Stahl


 Advanced NABC Master   

Clark Goode      

MDBC Life Master (Milestone)



Bronze Life Master

Elizabeth Butler

Michael Butler

Ray Stalvey


Silver Life Master

David Johnson

Diane Brewer

Connie Haugabook


Ruby Life Master

Joseph Brogdon

Margery Maxwell


Gold Life Master

Janice Haugabook


Sapphire Life Master

Len Perkins

Tom Wight


Diamond Life Master


Emerald Life Master


Platinum Life Master


Grand Life Master

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