2019 MDBC Masterpoint Rank Change

Each month we like to honor our players that have accomplished a rank change by adding their name in the appropriate place. We especially encourage our newer players to become Life Masters. Hopefully, a lot of names will be filled in by the end of the year.

Non-Life Master



Junior Master

 Betty Talbot

Jane Winston

Club Master

Carol M Stalvey

Sandra Harwood

Steven Davis

 Billie Abbot

Sectional Master

Lisa L Horne      

Jan K Hirsh

Martha M McNeil

Ellen Wyche

Katherine Hudson

Crawford Peace

Regional Master

Sylvia C Scott

Joan M Sare      

Sissy Macfie

Nancy Hathaway

NABC Master

Martin R Jones

Donna Rait

Loren Stahl

 Advanced NABC Master   

Clark Goode      

MDBC Life Master (Milestone)



Bronze Life Master

Elizabeth A Butler

Michael E Butler

Ray Stalvey


Silver Life Master

David H Johnson

Diane Brewer

Connie Haugabook


Ruby Life Master

Joseph M Brogdon

Margery B Maxwell


Gold Life Master

 Janice Haugabook


Sapphire Life Master

 Len Perkins

Tom Wight

Diamond Life Master


Emerald Life Master


Platinum Life Master


Grand Life Master

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