Macon Duplicate Bridge Club 2019 Board


Executive Committee

The Officers and Trustee are elected by the members. None of these, with the exception of the Treasurer, shall serve more than two consecutive years in the same office. The president appoints the Club Manager with the approval of the committee.




President: Gary Meadors

Vice President: Sissy Macfie

Secretary: Donna Rait

Treasure: Wanda Moorman





Nell Flatau (2020)

Jimbo Berg (2020)

Bert Maxwell (2021)

Kirk Domingos (2021)



Club Manager(appointed by President)

        Jerry Tift




Executive Committee’s Coordinators

Building - Trustees Bert Maxwell & Kirk Domingos

Grounds - Trustee Jimbo Berg

Directors - Vice President Sissy Macfie

Purchasing and Inventory - Trustee Nell Flatau


 Excerpt from MDBC Bylaws


The Executive Committee shall decide any issues that cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board, including maintaining adequate insurance on all properties of the MDBC. The President shall serve as Chair of the Committee and will make the report of its actions to the Board at its next meeting.




Coordinators and Liaisons

Appointed annually by the president and approved by the Executive Committee


Partnership:  Lynne Ogden

Tournament:  Tom Wight

Communications:  Mary May

Hospitality& Arrangement: Carol Stalvey & Ellen Wyche

EducationTom Wight

Purchasing:  Ellen Wyche

History and Archives Coordinator:  Riley Brown

SunshineJeanette Goode

Novice Program Liaison: Sissy Macfie


Other Voting Board Members

Automatically on the Board according to Bylaws Article V


Unit 114 Area Representative:   Mary Ann Bateman

Past President:   Ray Stalvey




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